Author’s Note 1

I play a game with myself called Who am I? You ask yourself traits about yourself. I am someone who is cocky, I am someone who is angry, I am someone who is sad. So far, I’ve noticed there are two parts of this game. First, the one who calls attention to a trait; for example, I am someone who likes to make up stories I know are not true. One of these stories occurs in favor of my parents, after I had finished smoking a one hitter. Knowing I had smoked, my mom rigged the faucet and the sink to be coal cleaned, which meant the water I swished and gargled in my mouth were more qualified to clear  me out than bottled water. Second, one experiences the trait. While experiencing the trait or event, the one experience takes one away into a place of illusion. Though I am aware the stories I come up with are false, I cannot help but get sucked into them, in the moment I come up with these stories, they are true the same way crazy things in a dream will be true to the dreamer. Awareness of this illusion makes every difficult decision easy. No longer are you separate from the self that experienced said event, you are one with that self. The one who notes the trait to themselves becomes the same someone who does said thing. Done in this way, every action you do, you will know you are doing it.

Unfortunately, we break ourselves down into pass, present, and future self so that we could make ourselves more comfortable with the decisions we’ve made, but the one who made the decision ten years ago is the same that makes the decision now. Yes, your body’s cells replace themselves every 7 years, and you grow as a person, becoming more open or more bitter. But I do not mean to ignore these changes. What I mean is this: you may forget everything else you know, even forget your name, but the person who makes each of those decisions are all the same. The person you are in the heat of the moment is the person you are after. We all are the same person when we are in the heat of the moment. After, it trails you, and stylizes you, and is a large part of your persona. Even in the next second, you are the same person in the way that you are still in an illusion, you are still as susceptible to acting in the heat of the moment. These decisions are always the same, but we forget each time we must make a decision and then we distance ourselves from the us who made that decision.


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